1. How it works?

We will choose only the first best 100 videos to be posted on our Instagram Page where the vote will be held. To be part of the 100 selected competitors, please submit your videos that meet the following criteria:

  • The videos must have a maximum time of one minute.
  • The videos must be recorded all at once without playback.
  • The participants must mention “1MinuteToSmoke” and use a series of tags.
  • The quality of the video must be sufficient enough to be reposted on our page for the final vote.
  • performing on a specific instrumental or in a specific style, imposed words and etc.

2. Instrumentals

You can choose between one the the 3 instrumentals down below.

***These songs are copyrighted and provided by sugarfactorybsc only for the purpose of this rap contest. ***

True & Broken (Prod. by Cøn$piraCy)

Decapitated (Prod. By Cøn$piraCy)

GTA San Andreas Theme (ReProd. By Cøn$piraCy)

3. Imposed words & tags.

These contest rules should encourage all participants to diversify their content in order to stand out and win. You must mention “1 minute 2 smoke” before the begining of your freestyle and identify @sugarfactorybsc in your instagram video in order to be reposted in our page.

• Words: “SugarFactory”, “Sugar”, “Blockchain Music”, “Rap for 200$”, “Binance Smart Chain”.

• Tags (Ig): #sugarfactorybsc, #sgfuel, #rapfor200dollars, #1minute2smoke, #sgfuel, #rapchallengeseptember2021, #freestylecontest, #freestyle200dollars, #sugarfactorymusic, #rapfor2oodollarsseptember2021

4. Prizes.

• Winner — $200 cash (BUSD/USDT) + 5,000,000 SGFuel tokens

• Second Place — $50 cash (BUSD/USDT) + 3,000,000 SGFuel tokens

• Third Place — 2,000,000 SGFuel tokens

The competition will be available on our Instagram page. With this new concept that will give hope to a new wave of artists, we want to allow young talents to showcase their skills in the discipline of Freestyle while simultaneously discovering the power of blockchain technology and all it has to offer!

Artists & Creators: https://biglink.to/artists-presskit.

Promotion & Marketing: [email protected].